Artist Management as a Career

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Gaurav Vaz
Artist Manager
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From being a software engineer to a technical writer and from managing and playing the bass guitar for The Raghu Dixit Project to being a web and technology consultant, Gaurav Vaz has done it all.
He has tried to keep his work experience as varied as possible!
Gaurav started playing the bass guitar for The Raghu Dixit Project in late 2006 and since then, has played in over a 1000 shows in 25 different countries across the world. As of early 2010, he started managing the band and has seen it become one of the largest Indie band in India. He is the co-founder of RadioVeRVe, the former Internet radio station that promoted and played only Indian Indie music. He has also been working on various projects in the online radio and artist promotion space.

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Artist Management as a Career

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