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Saloni Kukreja
Food Blogger
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Saloni Kukreja is the founder of the jaw-dropping Instagram handle called “Food of Mumbai”. The Instagram account focuses on food and travel. Her love for exploring new cuisines, culture and experimenting with fresh ingredients has gained her immense appreciation across various social media platforms. Though Instagram proved to be a launchpad for Saloni, she has now successfully expanded ‘Food of Mumbai’ on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Wordpress. Her blog has a plethora of cuisines and restaurants which attracts a broad audience of food-lovers. She aims to promote a healthier lifestyle by watching out for nutritious food and beverages while cutting down on unnecessary fats and sugars. Saloni plans her path to fitness by exploring nutrients that are local, high on nutrition and are organic. Along with taking “Food of Mumbai” to newer heights, Saloni has also undertaken social entrepreneurship projects under "Enactus."


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