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1. What is Mento?

We are an online alternative platform where India’s best industry experts teach you the necessary skills and demystify careers. Our main objective is to educate you on how to ideate, develop a systematic approach to practical learning and sharpen your skill set in your desired field of interest! We have tailored over 300+ video lessons for streams such as , Beat-Boxing, How to Start your own Restaurant, Filmmaking, Getting Your Book Published, and many more. The idea is not to inspire, but to provide the required perspectives and avenues to pursuing a career of your choice from scratch.

2. What is the format of the courses?

The curriculum for each class includes a pre-recorded video content and a downloadable class workbook. Additionally, as a student, you can make use of the section below each video tutorial to share your thoughts and provide feedback.

3. How long is the course?

Each course is about an hour long divided into 8-10 lessons of 3-5 mintes each.

4. Do I have to pay to watch these courses?

For as low as ₹698 for 1 year you get access to all the content on Mento. That’s less than a coffee at Starbucks.

5. How do classes work?

Mento is an engrossing online platform which provides an opportunity to learn from the country’s best professionals. Each course is systematically created by our team and includes an extensive pre-recorded video content and a downloadable class workbook. Each course is about an hour long divided into 10 lessons of about 5 minutes each.

6. On what devices can I watch the courses?

You can watch the courses on your phone, tablet, or desktop. Once you sign in on any of these devices you can use the same login to continue watching the lessons from where you left off.

7. Is there a time frame to complete my course?

No, you can watch and complete lessons at any time as per your convenience.

8. What is a workbook?

A workbook is a transcript of the video course and contains additional material about the course. You can download the workbook and use any pdf reader to read it. You can have the workbook handy while watching the course and use it for your projects or research.

9. Will I receive a certificate of completion when I finish a class?

Yes, as soon as you complete a course, your certificate of completion, signed by the influencer will get unlocked. You can then download the certificate which will be available in a PDF as well as a JPEG format for print and upload, respectively.

1. Why won't the video load?

Here are a few possible solutions you can try:
- Check your internet connection. A weak internet connection will sometimes cause the videos to load slowly or slow down.
- Clear your cache. Just clearing out some data and cookies may fix the issue.
If none of these steps solve the problem, you can always email us at

2. How do I adjust video quality?

The app automatically adjusts the video quality based on your internet connection and speed.

3. Can I watch videos on mobile?

Yes, you can download the Mento App on itunes or Play Store or log into the website using any internet browser.

1. How do I access my course?

Go to the Mento app or website and log in using your google or facebook account.

2. Can I download a lesson?

No, you cannot download the videos. They can be streamed only on our apps and website.

3. How do I access my lessons?

Go to the Mento app or website and log in using your google or facebook account.

4. How do I view a lesson?

Tap on the “Learn” tab present within the instructor’s homepage.

5. Where is my class workbook?

Go to the "Course Details" page and click on 'Download Course Notebook'. A PDF of the workbook will be downloaded.

6. How do I get notified about new course from an instructor?

Follow the author by clicking on the 'Follow' button below author details. You will then receive a notification when there's a new course from the author.

7. Will I be able to resume a lesson from where I previously stopped, on a different device?

Yes, you can resume any lesson on any device as long as you’ve logged in using the same account.

8. How do I search a course/ topic/ influencer

Tap on the “Search” icon located on the top right of the app's screen.

9. How do I bookmark a course?

Tap on the “heart” icon option present on the video screen to bookmark a course.

10. How do I follow a topic?

Go to your profile and click on 'edit' button under the "Topics" tab and select the topics of your choice.

11. Is there homework with the course?

There are suggested exercises to practice the skills being taught, but no assignments are required.

12.I have a doubt regarding a topic in a course, where do I ask the question?

You can ask your questions in the discussion form. Other users in the community or our team will cater to your questions.

1. How do I use the discussions in the site?

Tap on the "Discussion" tab present within each course and type your queries and thoughts under it. You can also view other discussions/comments in the forum.

2. Why isn't my comment appearing?

- Make sure you are submitting the comment by clicking the "Comment" button once you've finished typing your comment. If you don't click the "Comment" button your comment won't be saved to the forum.
- Sometimes, it might take a moment for the comment to appear. Reload the page to see if your comment is now showing up.

3.How do I view older comments in the thread?

Click the "View all Comments" button at the top or bottom of the comment thread.

1. How do I sign in?

You can sign in using your Google or Facebook account.

2. How do I edit my profile?

Simply tap on your profile by clicking on the menu icon located on the top left of your screen.

3. How do I change my password?

You do not need a password to log into the Mento app since you are to login using Google or Facebook.

4. How do I manage my account on mobile?

Simply tap on your profile by clicking on the “menu” icon located on the top left of your screen.

5. How do I delete my account?

Simply logout of your account and delete the application.

6. How can I upgrade my account?

You can upgrade your account by tapping on the “settings” icon present on the top right of the side menu.

7. How do I logout from the App?

Go to settings page by clicking on the "settings" icon from side menu and click on logout.

1. How do I get a certificate?

You need to make sure that you've watched till the end of each lesson, till the last 10 seconds to be exact. Only then will the certificates get unlocked.

2. Will it really be signed by the influencer?

Yes, every certificate will have a personalised signature by the influencer.

3. I'm not able to download my certificate even though I've finished all my lessons?

Go through the view counters for each lesson to actually check if you've finished each lesson. The view counter should be at least till the last 10 seconds of the total duration of the video. If the problem persists, contact us.

4. Can I print these certificates?

These certificates are in PDF format and are in high resolution.Yes, you can print them.

5. I still can’t download my certificate. What do I now?

Contact us at

1. What are payment options available to buy the course?

You can pay using debit or credit card, netbanking, wallets, UPI and all other standard payment options.

2. What all do I get when I buy the course?

You get unlimited viewing of the lessons, a downloadable PDF Workbook, and a certificate signed by the Influencer.

3. Once I buy the course how many times can I view it?

You have full access to the lessons for an unlimited period of time.

4. Can I download the course once I buy it?

No, but they're viewable from any device with a stable internet connection.

5. My payment isnt going through. What do I do?

Contact us at

6. I want to buy more than one course? What do I do?

You have to buy each course individually. You can’t buy the courses together.

7. What’s the price for each course?

For as low as ₹698 for 1 year you get access to all the content on Mento. That’s less than a coffee at Starbucks.

8. How do I get my invoice for the course I bought?

Your invoice will be sent to the registered email with Google or Facebook you used for signing up.

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